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How I overcame my fears- Essay

Fear of the dark stories for kids by kids Bookosmia

All of us have fear in the our lives.


Fear is a common to all of us in life. Each and everyone has fear. If anyone doesn’t , wont it be a surprise for us?


What about me ? I have so much fear in my life- it’s about my future and career. Almost all of us have fear while writing exams and thinking about what marks we will score. Even I have the same fear but for me the most common  fear is what would happen tomorrow and how I would be in future, good or bad?


If I speak truthfully, I am scared of small insects like mosquito and cockroach too. I will scream when I see this insect. Everyone in my family and  neighbourhood ask me why I am scared over something so small. I wont be able to sleep alone or be alone.


First I thought that I cannot overcome these fears. My fears started to increase. If I go near any big person or give an interview, I would start sweating.

Then at night, I would ponder over what I can do?

How can I overcome my fears?

Even my family would complain about it. But I would listen to them and try to  reduce my fears and problems. When anyone would criticize me for it, I would get tensed and would secretly wish to prove them wrong.

Here is what I tried to reduce my fear –

1) I listed out my weaknesses and decided to try and reduce them

2) I stayed alone and continued my work
From that day, I proved to everyone that I am trying the best I can.
From that day, I reduced my fear and could overcome it.

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