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‘”Where can I park my vaahan (Tiger)?” asked Maa Durga’ Story by 5 year old Jeevasini Patnana from Bhubaneswar

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5 year old Jeevasini Patnana studies in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Read with Sara stories for kids by kids Jeevasini Bhubaneswar Bookosmia

Jeevasini loves making up stories often and Lord Krishna is her favourite play mate. She absolutely loves playing with Legos and colours. Jeevasini is a student of Darshan Academy, Bhubaneswar.



One day I was playing with two of my good friends, Rani and Shumi in the small park near our colony.

Just then we saw a very beautiful lady walking towards us. She was wearing a  red saree and had a big red dot on her forehead.


She came near and asked us, “Dear kids, I need a small help. Would you help


We looked at each other and nodded our heads.


She said, “I have come here for some important work. But I am finding it  difficult to find a parking space for my vehicle.”

“Oh! That’s no problem at all. We have many empty spaces in our parking lot,” I said. My other two friends didn’t seem very happy to share this information  with a stranger.

“But you see my problem is a little different. Let me show you and you would understand.”

The moment she said this, a huge and ferocious tiger came and stood near her. We started shaking with fear.


She smiled and said, “Do not be afraid. He won’t harm you.” We now  understood that the lady is none other than Goddess Durga, who rode a tiger.

“Now you understand why I cannot park my ‘vahana’ in your parking lot?  People will be scared to find him there, right?” Maa Durga asked.


Just as we were discussing, the lion ran away from the place at a great  speed.


We could not understand anything. “This silly creature has the habit of running away. Would you like to help me find him?” she asked.

“Let’s go,” we jumped with joy.

The three of us friends,  sat on one of her hands each and she started flying high in  the sky. We went to the city’s busy bazaar full of shops, people and vehicles. We offered to ask people about the tiger on our own. We approached a vendor and asked, “Have you seen a tiger?”


He said angrily, “What nonsense!! Go away, naughty kids.”

Next we asked a toy shop owner, “Do you have a tiger?”

“A toy one?” he asked.

“No, a real one,” I said. “Then go and search in Chandaka forest kids.” he shouted.

We came back to Durga Maa, feeling sad. She said, “Don’t lose heart. Let’s go to that forest. In no time, we were in the middle of a deep forest. And there,  sleeping peacefully under a tree was the tiger.


“You naughty tiger! It is time I teach you a lesson. Next time I will turn you into a deer,” warned the Goddess.

The tiger looked sorry. The loving mother forgave him and said, “Now give these kids a ride back home.”

We were thrilled to ride with Durga Maa on a mighty tiger. After she got us home, we requested her to stay.

She said, “Now I have to go. But I promise I will be back soon,” and disappeared. We stood there for a long time and returned home happily.


22 Responses

  1. Absolutely thrilled and had fun reading , Tiger ride must be quite bumpy avoid the speed breakera dear . Keep entertaining , and enjoy the festive time .God bless .

  2. Chip of the old block! The kid has taken after her parents and will one day be a very promising writer. Let her imagination run riots. Wish she knits a story a day. God bless!

  3. Hi Jeevasini!
    You are a natural at capturing your reader’s fancy. It’s laudable how you paint detailed vivid scapes with your words that makes your readers not only visually and emotionally live every moment of the tale you weave.
    This story, like your others, is an adorable recipie of innocence, love, empathy and inspiration to be better versions of self.
    How you have used mythology into the contemporary settings adds so much flavour to one’s imagination! Loved every bit of it. Keep sharpening the story teller in you, you are a star in making, my budding writer and performer!

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