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#SaraReads: Story- Hello Aliens, help us with Corona please?

Sara reads stories for kids by young writer Aradhya Gupta from Gurgaon Bookosmia

One day, two aliens Kazooka and Bazooka from planet Mars visited Earth and landed in Gurugram city in India. 


While roaming around, they saw Earth looked very different than what they had heard about. They found very few humans outside home, all wearing  masks and silence everywhere. They wondered what had happened. They saw a girl named Aru, looking very sad and asked, “Hey! What’s happening on Earth. Why are humans wearing masks?”

Aru replied, “Hey, you don’t know? Coronavirus is spreading all over the world.”


Kazooka asked, “What is coronavirus?” 


Aru replied, “Corona is a highly contagious virus which spreads quickly  through coughing and sneezing from one infected person to another. People fall sick and need hospitalization. Millions of people have been infected and many have already died.”


Bazooka exclaimed, “Don’t you have any medicines to cure it?” 


“No, medicines or vaccines so far. The scientists all over the world are trying to make vaccines for it. Doctors have advised taking precautions like wearing a mask, using soaps and sanitizers regularly and maintaining social distancing. The world is under lockdown, schools are shut. We can’t meet friends or play in parks, no parties, no vacations. Life has come to a standstill. Don’t know when life will be normal.”


Kazooka was sympathetic. “This is a difficult situation. Don’t lose hope. You know the human body has a self defence system to fight viruses away. Build up your immunity, eat healthy food, maintain good hygiene and follow all  precautions. Be a superhero and fight back the virus. If everyone does their bit, then everything will be fine soon.” 


“Wait, I thought you will help us find a cure,” said Aru desperately. The aliens smiled and walked away.


Aru wasn’t sure what that meant. Good news, she hoped. 

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