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#SaraReads: Essay-Nature can talk, can you hear it?

Sara reads stories for kids by young writer Kanishka Chennai Bookosmia

One day, I woke up in the morning and went outside. Suddenly, I heard a sound in the surroundings. It was the tree!

I was shocked. My mother always says nature talks to us in ways we don’t  understand but here I was able to! It seemed like the tree was groaning so I  got a bucket of water and poured it in the root of the tree.

The tree said , “Thank you my dear.”

Surprisingly, I heard another sound. It was a flower.

“Come here, child. Come here.” Then I went close to the flower. The flower said, “I am happy to see you because you are kind to nature and you water me daily so I am happy to give you flowers daily.”

“Thank you very much flower,” I said.

Again I heard a sound in the surroundings. I searched everywhere but there  was no one around me. Then I heard a sound upwards. I looked up and realized  a cloud in the sky was calling me. The cloud said that I looked kind and asked  me  if it could give me a gift.

I told the cloud that this year there was no rainfall. “If you can give good rainfall then the yield will be better.” The cloud replied, “ I will fulfill your wish.”


As I walked home, the first drops began to fall down. I was very happy.


Mother  was right. If we are kind to nature then nature will give us everything.

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