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Haunted House – How To Escape? | Bookosmia

Haunted house - How to escape?

Once upon a time, there was a city with a mysterious house. It was a big old house which was built in the 1950s. After the owner of the house passed away, his children tried to sell the house but no one came to buy it.


Haunted house - How to escape?


One evening, Sarunitha, her friend Ria, and dog Rufous were passing by when they saw the gate partially open. They went in and opened the door. It creaked and the walls were full of spider webs.

They began walking and were stunned to discover that it had many rooms and each room was weird. They turned back after a while but they couldn’t find their way out! It was like a house of mirrors from which they could not escape.


Haunted house - How to escape?


Ria started crying. She thought that they would never make it out. Finally, Rufous began to bark near a room.  They went there and opened the wardrobe and immediately they got sucked into a vortex like portal. The next minute, the found themselves out of the house!
Haunted house - How to escape?



They hurried back to their homes and when they arrived, their parents were angry at them. But where to start and how to convince their parents on what had happened? That was an even bigger maze than the house they had escaped from!



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