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Animal Story – The Zoo’s Missing Rhino | Bookosmia

Animal story - The zoo’s missing rhino




I love taking care of animals. I enjoy listening to the different and amazing sounds created by them. I always wondered how they make that! So, I took the job of a security guard in the New Alipore zoo so that I can always be around them.

One cold evening, I was on my way to check the animals when I heard an unusual sound coming from the wild animals’ corner.

In the zoo, the animals are differentiated and kept as per their nature. I rushed towards the sound and to my surprise, I found an open cage. “Oh my God! The rhinoceros is missing,” I shouted.

I searched for it frantically but failed to find it.

I noticed some traces of cage unlocking, which was definitely not an animal’s work.

Animal story - The zoo’s missing rhino


At once, I informed the police but I wanted to search for it too as I was very attached to the rhino.

I went inside the cage, and found a used syringe lying at the corner. I deduced that the thief might have
used it to make the rhino unconscious.

Something was shining brightly like gold. It was a badge with the initials ‘R.K’. Also there was a torn rope, the thief might have tied the rhino with that, I thought.

Suddenly, it struck my mind, that the zoo’s door gets closed at five in the evening and it was six now, so the thief must not have gone too far. I rushed towards the main office, and informed the police about my suspicions.

Animal story - The zoo’s missing rhino


The police informed their officers to block all the check posts near the zoo. The police officer arrived and investigated the spot. He was happy with my work.

I gave him the RK badge I found, which was later identified as a circus’s batch named Rancho King Circus.

The police officer got a call from one of the officers who were successful in blocking the thief’s way.

We rushed to that place and the thief was caught. He admitted that he works for RK circus and that he did this on his boss’s order as they wanted a rhino to perform for the circus. The police caught and put both the thief and his boss in jail. My rhino was returned to its home safely.

I felt relaxed as all my animals were with me safely. My boss, the zoo’s owner, praised my work and awarded me. From that day onwards, I was more careful with my duty. I always made sure that nothing went wrong again.



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