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Happy Pongal : My family’s pongal recipe| Blog by Aaryan,9, Bangalore

Tomorrow is Pongal! 9 year-old Aaryan from Bangalore shares his family recipe for us to celebrate this harvest festival. So yummy!

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Pongal is my favourite dish, so I thought I would pen down our family recipe and share it with you all! Please try the recipe at home and let me know how you like it.

For Sweet Pongal/ sakkarapongal

Moong dal
Dry fruits

For Khara Pongal/ Venpongal:-

Moong dal
Curry leaves
Green chilli

First, we have to cook the rice and moong dal together. Then we add milk, jaggery, cardomom and lots of ghee to it and let it boil. Once done, we add dry fruits roasted in ghee to it, and yay! Yummy and sweet pongal are ready to eat!

Now, for venpongal, the cooked moong dal and rice is taken. To this we add salt and let it boil, and for seasoning we use ghee, add jeera, pepper, finely chopped green chillies, ginger and curry leaves. Let it roast a bit and then add it to the cooked Moong dal and rice. Mix well, top it with ghee- roasted cashews, and the yummiest venpongal is ready to eat!

Along with venpongal, my grandparents serve boiled groundnut, cowpeas, pumpkin and sweet potatoes after we perform pooja to the sun god. Pongal is a festival of harvest- we pray to the sun god for food on Surya Pongal and thank farmers and all the cattle which help us on our farm on Maattu Pongal too! We spend time with loved ones and go out on Kaanum Pongal. And this year, for Pongal, two Tamil movies have been released: Varisu and Thunivu. I am excited to watch them, what about you?

What’s your plan for Pongal? Do let me know about the recipe, if you try it at home, and your celebration too. Wish you all a very happy Pongal in 2023!

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  1. So glad Aaryan 🥰you have shared your favourite Pongal recipe 👏🏻 I’m eager to see how many people will try it tomorrow!! Let’s wait and see!!!

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