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Aachi Thatha, tell me about pongal | Festival

tell about pongal bookosmia

Pongal – a festival I love the most– you know why??? Because I love eating yummy pongal 🙂 This year we celebrated pongal by waking up early in the morning, getting ready and preparing pongal on the stove. When we saw the pongal coming out of the stove right side, we screamed “pongalo pongal” with happiness.

We took photos, videos and mixed ingredients into the pongal like Arisii, vellam and more. After a while, I drank milk, and we went upstairs. I saw my mom planting sugarcane and I saw my Aachi putting rangoli on the ground and my Thatha helping everyone. Later we did pooja to sun god.

Pongal sun god Bookosmia

My Thaatha told the essence of thanking sun for growing crops throughout the year.  Then we did pooja to the sugarcanes, turmeric, a cute ganesha made out of cow dung (Yes!! Our house help got us cow dung) , and the pongal which was prepared was also kept for pooja.

sugarcane pooja pongal bookosmia

“We should always be thankful for the food we get,” said Aachi!! And then we took photos around the  sugarcane. It was getting late so we all packed up and headed downstairs.  I got blessings from my mom and Achi Thatha , and my favourite part-we ate the pongal which we prepared earlier. Yummmm it tasted super good because everyday we prepare in cooker but today it was in traditional pongal paanai (the brass pot) which is ancestral– Aachi , Thaatha told!!

pongal cooking bookosmia


The rest of the day we watched a movie together and later spoke about my grandparent’s childhood celebrations at the farms in their native. Then we watched Big Boss Season 5 finale! My favourite part of any festival is the elaborate planning and preparations which goes into it. Aachi, Thaatha make sure everything is ready so that the celebration is joyful like Aachi kept all the god’s articles cleaned previous day, the ancestral utensils ready. Thaatha had picked all the flowers, fruits and items from market. Amma tied mango leaves to door, making ellu bella packets previous night. All new dresses were kept in the Pooja room. Something to learn, isn’t it 🙂

And me? I was running around the house and planning to write this story already!!


I learnt pongal is celebrated on 4 days in Tamil Nadu!!

Day 1– Bhogi Pongal- On this day people discard old belongings and celebrate new possessions . We also had decluttered our home and burnt old things too. Aachi said that’s why cleaning is important.

Bhogi Pongal Bookosmia

Day 2– Surya Pongal– Thanking Sun god for helping us grow crops throughout the year. Thaatha said that’s why we celebrated it on terrace under the SUN!!

Surya Pongal Bookosmia

Day 3– Maattu Pongal– The day we worship our cattle. There is even a sport called jallikattu that is played in Tamil Nadu on this day!! In their childhood, my grandparents have enjoyed watching it!

Day 4– Kanum Pongal—Many families hold reunions on this day. Communities organize social events to strengthen mutual bonds. Alas!! We neither travelled nor went out this year like we do every year due to covid restrictions!!!

I always love to listen to the stories and traditions that are associated with our festivals and celebrations, I have understood that Pongal is a festival of HARVEST– to honour our crops, farmers and also the cattle!! We should always respect farmers as they are the backbone of our nation, be thankful to every grain of food we get, and not forget our traditions and culture in name of advancement and learn from our parents and grandparents and take it forward.

Hope you all enjoyed pongal like I did.


Pongalo Pongal Bookosmia

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      1. Very well written. Congratulations Aaryan. Looking forward for more such value added stories. Good luck Lil champ 👍

    1. Really really very nice story.
      Unimaginable.He has narrated all the events of the festival so nicely.Infact we learnt many things after going through the story.childern should inculcate such attitude from the childhood.Then only our rich customs and traditions will prevail for ages to come.
      Myself and my spouse,we both read the story together and we enjoyed a lot. Let the God bless him in all his future endeavours.
      Our blessings to smt Geetha and her family and our Pranams to Chiranjeevi Arya’s Achi and Tata.

  1. Super my boy keep it up ur writing looks great 🥰 I love Pongal too jus like u to eat yummy pongalo Pongal 🤩

  2. Super my boy 🥰👌🏻Ur write up is great😀👍I love Pongal too jus like u to eat yummy pongalo Pongal 😋😋

  3. Madam, Thayige Thakka Maga. Innovative, intelligent boy. Let God bless him with Knowledge, health, wealth

  4. Thank you everyone who took time to read and comment on lil one’s story… I can’t express his excitement to read all your comments 🤩 thank you all 🤩🙏🏻

  5. Wow, Aaryan, it was very interesting reading about Pongal. Thank you for educating me about the festival. Great knowledge and even better upbringing! Kudos to your mom too!

  6. It’s so beautiful,,, u did it so lovely ,,,Awesome explanation ,, narration ,, cute write up ,,, Aaryan hearty n lovely congratulations to ur lively views ,,, 😍😍😍😍💐💐💐👍

  7. Impressive.
    The way Aaryan narrate the story made me to realise the importance of teaching
    our culture and tradition to childrens.
    I want Aaryan to narrate other festivals.
    Geetha, your contributions and efforts in raising your kid have unquestionably going to resulted in him being a civilised guy.

  8. Good job dear Aryan.. I really liked the way u have narrated abt four special days of pongal.. very proud of u dear..keep writing.. 👍♥️

  9. So beautifully written dear I really liked the way u have narrated abt four special days of pongal.. very proud of u dear aaryan..keep writing.. 👍♥️

  10. THank you everyone 🙂 you all are very sweet and encouraging 🙂 lil one is so elated to see each and every comment and is happy that you all loved his write up!!! All your love will keep him going 🙂 We feel grateful 🙂

  11. Super Aaryan… I liked it very much… I love you so much… I’m so happy you have written about the cow dung ganesha we made…

  12. Awasome story Aryan, I like the way of representing Pongal Festival with your Aachi Thatha(Family) and Thank you for sharing the importance of Pongal Festival. God bless you and your Beautiful family, Write more and more such a wonderful story.

  13. Very well written little Aaryan.. Its heartwarming to see you enjoy the festivals.. Looking forward to more stories from you! Love 😍

  14. Such lovely narration Aaryan
    Thanks for sharing the details of diff pongal days- i never knew that

    Future looks bright when kids like you are ready to hold the mantle of culture , but also open for what life throws at you .. loads of love

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