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Pongal 2022 – A miniature clay celebration | Essay | Bookosmia

Pongal story Bookosmia

It was January 2021 and we were all confined to the house due to the pandemic.

It was the Pongal festive season and everything was dull. Suddenly my mom and dad came up with a superb idea to have fun and to teach us the real values of the festival. Normally, elders rush with various activities during the festival and I do not actually know what they do and why.

As we had got good enough time, we decided to celebrate ‘Mini Pongal’ with the mini clay pottery set I had and understand what it is all about. I was so excited and couldn’t sleep well awaiting for the next day to shine.

Pongal Bookosmia

It was Pongal, 14th of January the next day and I popped out from sleep early in the morning. My two year old little sister and I had a clean hair wash and got dressed up in the new silk pavada sattai dress which kicked off the traditional mood.

Mom cleaned us a space in the balcony showered bright sun light. I was new to doing household chores and started sweating. Will just cleaning be so tiring?, I wondered.

Next was drawing a Kolam (rangoli). Mom taught me a simple Kolam which I could make after trying 100 times. Phew! How complicated! It needs good concentration and coordination. No wonder girls who master Kolams are smart. Kolam – I found it to be a brain gym exercise.

Following that, we set the mini clay stove and prepared the pot to cook Pongal. I painted it and it was so colourful. We tied some fresh turmeric around and started cooking. I learnt that turmeric is the best antibiotic known and finds its presence in our food and at all auspicious times. The mini set up was so beautiful.

Dad and I picked up a sugar cane from our garden and also got some vegetables that grows underground like yam and sweet tapioca. I had rarely seen them and understood that it is a step above regular healthy foods.

The episode of lighting the stove and blowing it again took my breath away. Air is important for combustion. Vayu Bhagwan – God of Air finally blessed us.

After four long hours, we cooked a small pot of Pongal. This made me understand that it is really important to thank the farmers who get us our food and also the hero, our Sun, who keeps the universe alive.

Toy cows also found a place near the scene and I could not imagine a day without milk.

I pledged not to waste food ever again.

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