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Amelia Bedelia Goes Wild | Book Review | Bookosmia

Read the Amelia Bedelia series? 9 year old Priyal Daga, a 9 year old Bookosmian from Jodhpur reviews one! What are you reading?
Amelia Bedelia Book Review Bookosmia
A story about a girl who is always adventurous, delighted and full of ideas. She has a name like she is a twin, but no, she is a single girl. Yes I’m talking about Amelia Bedelia.
The author of the book is Herman Parish and the illustration is done by Lynne Avril. Herman Parish has fun with language, vocabulary and idioms. The book has short easy-to-read chapters. There are illustrations throughout the book and Amelia Bedelia’s ‘can do’ spirit is just amazing.
Amelia Bedelia is not well so she has to miss her zoo trip. Anything can happen with her. She has some wonderful ideas. She decides to build a zoo in her backyard. She invites all her friends to bring their pets and help ls plan the exhibits and rides. But when a real life squirrel monkey escapes from the real city zoo, Amelia Bedelia’s backyard zoo becomes the talk of the town.
I love this book for it has many animals and gives us ideas on how we can create a zoo in our backyard.
I give this book a 5 star rating. I love the ‘can-do’ spirit of Amelia Bedelia. She never gives up and always comes out with a new plan.
This book is suitable for 6 to 11 yrs age group, especially for youngsters who have just started reading chapter books.

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