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Has your offline school started? 9 year old Saachi Raja, a Bookosmian from Kolkata introspects the new normal.

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As we approached the year 2020, a deadly pandemic changed our lives.

Due to this, all educational institutes and schools had to close down temporarily. After half- a year, when students missed their second home badly, the world took another step forward. We started the process of online schooling in digital apps such as WhatsApp, Zoom, Google meet etc. What is better? Let’s analyse.


Let’s first start with offline school. We all loved to go to school, despite all it’s hard studies! That’s because we could meet our friends, hug and play with them without any pressure, unlike how it is now. Talking, meeting and spending time with our aged people every day is cathartic and much needed. There is healthy competition and learning is simpler in offline school. It is also easier for the teacher to pay attention to each child separately.


On the other hand, online school has its own drawbacks as children miss the physical touch and socializing, but they at least have the advantage of sitting in their own rooms and receiving knowledge. Online school also has many risks, such as cheating in exams, tests etc. Who knows if the child is really concentrating on the class, or there is actually a cartoon playing on his screen? It was challenging for the teachers as well as the students to cope with online school at first. But, yes, one thing is true that the students have advanced a lot more into the digital world.


Online schooling is definitely not bad, but according to me offline school is better. What a joy to wake up early and experience school! But education is a big privilege, and we should be thankful of it, regardless of how we receive knowledge.

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