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The Young Pirate | Story

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One day there was a pirate, a young pirate. His name was WitWicky.


Witwicky was 11 years old and a hardworking person. So one day, he thought of taking a leave to have fun!

He did take leave and wanted to make his parrot Mojo talk. What a waste of your time to spend it on a parrot, you would think?  But Witwicky didn’t think so.

His ship was enormous. Since he wanted Mojo to talk, he needed a quiet place to let Mojo focus, which was the bottom of the ship. WitWicky wanted Mojo to say his name.

WitWicky said WitWicky, WitWicky, WitWicky, WitWicky…. a couple of times and finally Mojo said WitWicky. Suddenly Mojo started shouting WitWicky, WitWicky…..and flew out of the ship.

WitWicky followed Mojo who lead him near a mountain. “There you are Mojo,” he said. “Why did you flyaway?”

Mojo said,” WitWicky, look behind at the ship.” He did! WitWicky’s saw the ship was in a frightening shape- STORM!!!!!. He was so glad he was not on the ship because he would have struggled badly in that storm.

Now what do you think? Was it really a waste for WitWicky to spend time on his pet parrot?


Always have a good pet!

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  1. Hey everyone hope you like the stories. Every story comes a month. Keep reading it and follow me lets get 20 followers.

  2. A very good short story. It remembers my childhood days how I tried to train my parrot. Keep writing stories. All the best!

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