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12 Years

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NSN Memorial Senior Secondary School


‘Fear has a large shadow, but in itself is very small’ An honest essay by 13 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

doorbell story for kids by kids Bookosmia
Face the fear, it goes. Avoid the fear, it grows.
I had a sense of fear within me. When my mom or others used to  scold me with a loud voice, I felt it was a head splitting sound and be shocked. This had become a habit for me where I couldn’t control myself. I used to feel very bad.
Slowly, I started to get fear of all things that happened to me.
One ordinary day, I was alone at home. I was doing my work and really enjoying that no one is here. I thought that I am going to be the queen of my house. Very joyful moment!  But all my excitement ended because someone had rung the  calling bell thrice and tried to open the front door of our house. I got scared again. I called my mom and dad over the phone but they were busy. They conveyed this incident to my neighbour  aunt. She came to my home and  enquired about this incident but couldn’t find the  person who did this. So that day was  a very bad day for me.
My mom arrived home and checked but could not find any more evidence . Days passed ….. Finally, we found the person who had rung the bell thrice.
None other than the mischievous  girl who lives in our apartment. I was very  scared for not finding the reason of her activity. I started to feel bad and guilty.
My parents said it is common for everyone to experience fear. My mom told  that she had also experienced fear when she was doing her schooling. She said that when you become a responsible person, you will overcome your  dread.
After a few days, another incident happened. I was at home alone. A courier man rang the bell. It made me experience tremors again but I remembered my mom’s advice and asked him, “Who are u ?” The man outside answered. I  opened the door and received the parcel from him. At that time,  I was very happy that I had started to overcome my dread. Now I don’t get fear of anything.
I understood  that fear has a large shadow, but he himself is very small.


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