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Best School – Saying Goodbye To My Old School | Bookosmia

Best school - Saying goodbye to my old school




I’m happy to have a new school dress;

But l’m missing my old school no less.

In my new school I’m ready to give my very best;

But the memories of my old school don’t let me rest.


l’m ready to make my future bright here;

But l’ll always miss the place because my childhood was spent there.

For the first day of my school l’d always crave;

But will never forget the school that once called me brave.


I’m eager to enter into the new gates;

But want to spend a day or two with my old classmates.

I’m neither too happy nor too sad;

I’m feeling neither too good nor too bad.


No doubt wherever l am I will give my best till the last;

And for sure I will not forget the days of my past.

I wonder if the above said is right;

If not then take it light.


To take my dream to a height

I’ll leave the ground to the sky as does a high flying kite.

I hope to learn something new;

As to my old school I say adieu.


Best school - Saying goodbye to my old school




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