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‘Cony and Ace go to space’ An exciting story by 9 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

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One there lived a boy named Ace. Ace was a very curious and polite boy. All day long, Ace and his friend Cony, played ‘Cony and Ace are in the Space’. Every year for Halloween they would dress up either as spaceships or astronauts. They always used to win the dress-up competition and win a free ticket to watch a funny movie, that would make them giggle and laugh. But this year they did not win the competition, which shocked them.

This year they did not wear an astronaut suit. This is because they decided to move on from only dressing up as astronauts to becoming actual astronauts.

Several years later they finished the invention. They were awarded for being the youngest duo to have made this spectacular invention. Soon, they started testing the spaceship.
A month later, it was confirmed that, the spaceship was a super success. They took the spaceship for a spin! They landed in outer-space. Cony wrote a letter to his parents, which read, “Dear Mamma and Papa, I am so happy to be in space, though I really miss both of you. My dream was to go to space with Ace, I promise to be back soon and on time. I will see you all soon.”
Several months later, they returned to the earth and began working on another mission. This time they were both leaving to go in separate spaceships. Cony said to Ace, “I know we have quarreled many times, but we have not only been friends but best friends. We have been to many places together too. In fact, we have been everywhere together. And that’s all I can say for today. I promise to be your best friend, and I will see you soon, in space or maybe even on the moon.” And both friends took off separately but they knew they would always be together in spirit.

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