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‘ The Piano’ Story by 10 year old Bookosmian from Noida

read with Sara story on piano Bookosmia

Trisha’s only friend Anushka was moving away from Delphi, a small village.

Anushka was a girl from a wealthy family. She had shifted to a faraway place in the northern plains. Trisha was a lonely and poor 18 year old girl, who lived with her big brother Aarav, her mother and father. Her father worked for nearly 12 hours, so she didn’t see him much. She went to the lonely path often which led to the cliff. She liked the cliff, it made her feel calm and peaceful. There, she would dream about playing the piano. 


One day, at the cliff, her eyes darted to an old and broken piano left tangled in a nearby bush. She wondered how it got there. She looked around to find if  anyone had any idea about whose it could be. An old man who lived near the riverbank was passing by and she asked him about it. 


“A wealthy friend of mine had given it to me but I don’t need it so you can keep it,” he said. 


She eagerly pulled the piano out of the bushes and carefully cleaned it. She started playing it but it was out of tune. She tried playing the piano differently and caught up with the tune. At dawn, she hid the piano in the bushes and walked home with a wide smile on her face. 


Her brother saw the smile on her face and asked her why she was smiling. “Can’t a person smile?” was her reply. As months passed by, she started playing even better.  She spent every spare moment playing the piano.


“I don’t see you home these days, is there something you need to tell me?” her mother asked. “She probably runs to the cliff,” her brother sniggered and she glared at him. She never told them about the piano. She soon started playing the piano like a professional . One day, when she was returning home from the cliff, she heard a rustle of leaves. She turned around and came face-to-face with her brother.

“Whose piano is that?” he asked.

“Mine,” was her reply, she knew that the secret couldn’t be hidden anymore.

“It can’t be yours, our parents can’t afford that big thing. You stole it. I am going to tell mother,” he argued.

“No, I didn’t..” but he was out of earshot. She rushed after him. When she reached home her mother, father and brother were already assembled for questioning.

“Sit down, young woman and tell us what you have to say for yourself,” her father said angrily.


 “I didn’t steal, I found this on the cliff..” 


Her father cut her off. “And you took it not knowing whose might it be.”


 “I didn’t steal it or take it without permission. The piano belongs to the old man who lives near the river. He said that I could take it.”


The next day they walked to the river and reached a shabby old hut. An old man came out of the hut who quickly recognized Trisha. Trisha’s father and mother had a long conservation with the man while she and her brother played in the river. “Don’t go too far in the river,” her mother said.


After returning home her father said, “You can keep and learn the piano but you have to play it tomorrow in front of Anushka and her family, they are coming back.”


Trisha jumped in joy and her father smiled. Next morning, when she came on the cliff everyone was already there. She started playing little-by-little. Everyone was moved. They congratulated her and then Anushka approached her.

” I missed you,” she said.

” I missed you too,” Trisha said.

Then Anushka took a poster out of her bag and said, “This is a call to participate in a piano competition, if you win you will be a world’s best young pianist.”


 “Oh, Thank you Anushka,” Trisha squealed. Later that week, Trisha entered the competition. 


The other competitors were a tough match. But she was no less. When it was her turn, she sat in front of the audience. At first, she hesitated. Then she started the first notes. The audience went quiet as she continued to play. After she finished, there were cheers and whoops. When the winner was announced she couldn’t believe her ears, ” Trisha Hillman is the new world’s new pianist. Well done, Trisha!” 


Trisha moved forward to grab the trophy. She was over the moon. Her parents were very proud of her.


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