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‘Mayura’s adventure’ An action packed story by 9 year old Bookosmian from Bangalore

magic wand story for kids by kids Bookosmia

Once there lived a girl with her parents. Her name was Mayura. She was 7 years old. She was studying at Kumaran’s School. Mayura lived in a village called Rajput Nagar. 


One evening after school, Mayura was playing outside with her favourite ball. Suddenly, she tripped. She looked around to see what she had tripped on. It was a stick. She picked it up and saw that the stick looked peculiar. It looked very neat and straight and didn’t look like it fell from a tree. So, she kept it. She thought it would be perfect for a make-believe wand. What she didn’t know was that it was actually a magical wand! 


That night before she went to bed, Mayura held the wand, closed her eyes and wished for an adventure. Soon, after that, she was fast asleep.


She woke up to hear that a monster was coming to crush her village. The monster lived on top of the Empire State Building. She wanted to find the monster and stop him before he entered the village. Her parents had warned her against crossing the boundaries of her village but she had no choice. She decided to go by sea. She boarded a ship on the docks and tried to sail it but she couldn’t. The boat was out of control due to the huge waves. It was going round and round. By the time Mayura got control of the ship, she saw a castle. She swam out to the huge castle. She had never been to this part of the town before. 


Being in a strange land, she wanted help to move around. She gathered courage and knocked on the castle door. A servant opened the door. Mayura asked her if anyone could help her in the castle. The servant took Mayura to the Queen for help. Mayura asked if the King and Queen could help her find the monster. The queen led her to the sorcerer. 


The sorcerer was so thin that his whole body moved when he walked. He lived in a very dark room. It was called the spooky room. Mayura asked if the sorcerer could help her. The sorcerer did not answer. He was too busy searching for a book to answer Mayura’s question.


“Aha! Finally, I found it,” he said and opened the book  which had answers to all the questions. The sorcerer told Mayura to follow a golden and silver path. Mayura thanked him and tried to follow the suggested path. 


Finally, she found the path on the end of a cliff. It was a portal to the Empire State Building!. Mayura saw that the monster’s cave was on the top of the Empire State Building. She took the elevator to reach the monster’s cave. When she reached, she found the monster sleeping. As she got near, she accidently tickled the monster on his leg. The monster woke up cross. 


He looked like he wanted to fight with Mayura. Mayura was also ready to defend herself. The monster’s eyes looked red but also sad. 


Suddenly it all went poof! She was in her room on her bed again but it didn’t feel like a dream. She thought about the monster and it’s dark cave. Maybe the monster was not coming to her village to destroy it but to eat something.


She picked up the wand again to find out. 


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