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Everyone is happy, everyone is excited! Poem by 12 year old Bookosmian from Bareilly, UP

Christmas with Sara festivals for kids with Bookosmia
Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here!
Christmas is here and I love the festive cheer in the air.
We really needed this festival to come cheer us up, didnt we? Wishing the joy lingers on till the end of this year.
Christmas with Sara Aishwarya Bareilly Bookosmia
Here is 12 year old Aishwarya Singh from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh sharing her joy with us. Aishwarya is a student of Chickar International School, Bareilly.
Everyone is happy
Everyone is excited
For the time has come
Knows as Christmas.
Decorating houses for Santa to come
He will give us gifts which we will all love.
We should be nice and honest
And never be naughty
Because if we will do this
We will not get gifts from him.
Singing carols
Making cake
Feeling excited
For this day.
For the whole year,
I have been a nice kid
So that he can drop my gift
Through the chimney at my place..

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