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Jingle Bells, jingle bells..Christmas is here! Poem by Guneev,15,Jalandhar

Here is 15 year old Guneev Kaur from Jalandhar, sharing the reasons why Christmas is so special to her. Jingle all the way!

christmas poem for kids Bookosmia
Jingle bells, jingle bells
X mas is here, enveloped in its beautiful smell,
It spreads its unique spray
Filled…. with euphoria and bliss
You and I, entire year, wait for it
So as our expectations do not go in vain; not even a bit
Santa wrapped in his red outerwear
So much he brings for us to share.
His presence glitter in the sky
Making us want to fly high!
Tiny tots await their presents
Which make their days pleasant
Keeping their socks ready,
They sleep with a teddy.
Of Santa’s shape and size
Believing he will shower them with surprise
Trees get decorated
Extinguishing that filthy hatred.
Leaves shine with pride
“It’s my day,” in contentment they cry
Beautiful star over its head
More attraction added to the colour red.
The smell of Christmas starts weeks before,
Fragrance in galore
Everywhere and anywhere
Some wait for vacations
Whilst the others for celebrations
For its the perfect time to care and share
We celebrate Jesus’ birth
With love and glory, on this Earth
With carols and prayers
Having its own historic glory
The festive spreads the message of harmony!!

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