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‘Rudolph, the red masked reindeer’ Poem by 11 year old Bookosmian from Delhi

rudolph the red masked reindeer Bookosmia
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Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here!
Christmas is here and I love the festive cheer in the air.
How is Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer coping with Christmas during COVID? Here is an interesting poem by 11 year old Varnika Agarwal from Delhi, talking about it.
#SaraReads stories for kids by young writer Varnika Bookosmian
Varnika is passionate about writing. She finds that writing gives her abundant supply of happiness and relaxation.
Varnika is a student of Little Kathakar Writers’Club by Not Just Tales Founder KathaVachak Khushboo

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
Is now a red masked one,
He who once had a round flashlight in the middle of his face
Now seems to have none.

rudolph the red masked reindeer Bookosmia
On 24 December 2020
He was flying Santa’s sleigh at a great pace,
So fast that when a strong wind blew
It blew Rudolph’s mask into his face.


He shrieked and cried, “Wait, my mask flew off!!!”
He panicked and could not fly
The wind blew hard and threw him, Santa and the sleigh
Across the cloudy sky.


The Sleigh crashed on a roof
Rudolph toppled and hit a wooden chimney
Which caused the sleigh to rise
And launched Santa into the sky. He cried, “Help me!!!!!”
Luckily Santa did not get hurt
When he landed on the fluffy snow
But Rudolph now knows that
Flying with a mask on, is not as easy as it looks so.

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