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Action at the North Pole| Christmas Thriller by Prahas,13,Mysore

11 year old Prahas Balaji from Mysore shares this action packed thriller, based in a freezing region that is Santa’s home. Prahas goes to Excel Public School, Mysore and is a student of The Hobby Place.

North Pole Thriller by kids Mysore Bookosmia

I sat on my comfortable chair in the Winter Grand Resort, a resort that had just come up recently. It was perfect for winter. I wiggled my toes to feel the  warmth of the fire in the chimney. I wore a comfortable black coat with cyan frost designs on it.

It was then that the fire sputtered out of life. I spun around, all the light had  turned to darkness as a swirling vortex of snow and ice burst into my room and a man stepped out. He was wearing the exact same coat as me but he had an ice crown and icy blue eyes and walked with regal grace. He offered his hands towards me but I noticed the tips of his fingers were frozen. I got up myself. “I see you too bought your coat in the human trading palace,” he said in an icy tone. “I think you mean the mall,” I said, shivering.

“Yes, yes, whatever,” he placed his hands on his head and spoke again.
“I am Vulmir the frost king. I live in the north pole. I believe you have heard of one of my citizens ,Santa Claus?”

“Yeah, but I did not know he lives in a kingdom,” I replied.

“In winter, the entire world is my kingdom, however that is not the point. I am part of the Seasons Council and as the name suggests we govern the seasons. However we have a enemy known as Inthe. We banished him long ago and continued governing the seasons and of course he had to bombard MY season,” he let a sigh and a cloud of frost left his mouth.

“So what do you want me to do? “I asked.

“I need you to defeat him of course! Humans are his weakness.”

“Why don’t you ask your council?” I questioned again.

“Because I don’t want to burden them with the problem of my festival, so are you coming?” he said as he waved his hands and the portal of ice and snow opened again. I stepped through the portal.


I found myself in what I guessed was the North Pole. It was surprisingly warm. I figured it was some winter magic. There was a vast kingdom below the snow hill and was made out of ice!! There were snow fairies, ice dwarfs, elves and more living in the houses below. A large castle of ice loomed in the center.

Behind me was a gingerbread village and elves were wearing Christmas colors. “Is that Santa’s village,” I asked.

“Yes it is. He, after all is the highlight of my season.” Then he looked down at the snow and blew at it. The snow swirled away revealing a ice door facing  downwards. Vulmir bent down and opened the door. It opened into a black void and Vulmir jumped through. I followed.


We were in an ice cave. There were icicles hanging from the ceiling and in the  center of the room there was a large ice crystal, glowing with energy. Vulmir  spoke, “This is the heart of winter which gives it, its magic. It has been tainted and you will remove the mark of evil that has befallen this beautiful crystal.”

He waved his hand and a glowing sword appeared in his hands. It was made of gold and what looked like fire. It stood out against the blueness of the  cave. “This is the sword that was used to banish Inthe and now you wield it. Defeat him and return.” With that I disappeared in a puff of cyan smoke.


I found myself in an icy wasteland. Nothing was in sight. The ice below me was smooth. I would have frozen if not for the fire sword. I heard a deep laughter and spun around. There he was, in an armour of black metal and a black scythe in hand. He was laughing like I was a comedy film and it filled me with hatred.

I said, “What is so funny?”

“The fact that Vulmir sent a human to defeat me,” he said.

“Well, we’ll see about that,” I said and lunged at him with my sword. He sidestepped me and thrust his hand, as I felt an invisible force push me to the  ground.

He loomed above me and said, “All hope is lost for you.” I balled my hands into fists and said in a determined voice, “No hope is not lost. Hope cannot be lost  as long as you believe in it. Humans are better.”

I rose to my feet and looked him in the eye. “We can love, create, have  compassion but you and your magic is nothing compared to the strength that I have. That is what make us your greatest weakness. I may not have magic but I have strength, in ways you cannot imagine.” With that I pushed him to the icy  ground and touched the sword to his temple and with that he disappeared in a vortex of golden light blinding me.


I was back at the LODGE and I looked around to see if the whole thing had  been true. I looked up and saw a sleigh in the sky pulled by reindeers and I  smiled.


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