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Khushyati Sachwani

10 Years

53 Years

Sri Aurobindo Public School.

Madhya Pradesh

‘My Father Is A Corona Warrior’ Essay by 10 year old Bookosmian from Hoshangabad

My Father Is A Corona Warrior with Khushyati

I was disturbed from the moment I heard that my father has tested positive for coronavirus. I immediately Googled and tried to find out the ways to help him get rid of it but it was not as easy. 


For a few days we had to separate from him. He had to be admitted to a hospital. Initially his condition was not too good. It was difficult to stay with other patients who were also suffering from the same but he did not lose courage. He was deprived of love, family and home food but he kept our spirits up by assuring us that this would last only a few days then he would meet us soon, hale and hearty. 


His optimism felt heroic to me and I realized that my father is certainly a warrior who, with his positive bent of mind, defeated this disease and came back home safely. 



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