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14 Years

David Model Senior Secondary School


Dream big, study hard | Poem by Aanya,14, Ghaziabad

Got the exam blues? 14 year old Aanya from Ghaziabad rouses us with a poem on why it is important to work hard on our studies for a better future.

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Dream big study hard 
Something very close to my heart
That was really down to earth
Questions raising in my mind again and again
Why someone has to live in tearing pain?
Days passing so fast
Making situations even worse and harsh
That time has come when you are all alone
Because your best time had already gone
Gone is the time when all you wanted was ice-creams
They might not kill you but starts the rusting of your dream
That’s the time for your voice to raise
It’s time get up and step in the sun rays
Get educated so your future won’t regret it
You might not understand it now but wait, soon you’ll get it
Time is important because it can’t be packed
It’s the only thing which never comes back
Things are still in your hands
Open all the other useless bands
The last thing I want to say
It’s time to let yourself pay
Just believe and trust yourself now
And make every single person say, “Wow!”

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