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Saanvi Agarwal

12 Years

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When animals ran away from the zoo| Poem by Saanvi,12,Kolkata

What if the animals ran away from the zoo? 12 year old Saanvi from Kolkata makes us cheer for this idea of hers presented as an amazing poem!

animals from the zoo poem bookosmia
One day the animals ran away
From the zoo to the San Francisco Bay.
They thought it would be cool.
If they ran around a public school.
The rhino ate Mia’s Caesar salad
While the giraffe sang a ballad
In the school field, the alligator set up a stand
All animals played together as a band.
The studious panda started to read a book
While the hippo decided to do a hula hoop.
The day went by and the animals enjoyed their freedom.
Freedom which was well deserved by the animal kingdom.

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