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Terza Rima Poem : Book trouble| By Tanyaa,14, Kolkata

Let’s experiment with ‘Terza Rima’ – a poem composed of three line groupings. 14 year old Tanyaa from Kolkata
tries her hand on writing on about books!
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My books aren’t stained with the things that I eat
Although I prefer keeping them stainless
They’re stained with the trust I’ve placed.

Whenever I’m in history lessons

Or going through an ordeal
My worries magically seem to lessen

As I flip through the pages of my book
Constantly being wary of my bookmark falling out
I get transported to my world of fairies and crooks

At the end of the day, I’m thankful to it
For it kept me sane through the day
Despite reminding myself to not make its binding tear and split

Corners upturned, vexed and saddened I get
I then regret taking it with me wherever I go
Upset I am when the edges get smelly and wet

Its smell sends me above seventh heaven
The pale color of the page always gets me nostalgic
It makes me feel home when I put it down at half past eleven.

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