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Dark and lovely : Happy in your own skin?| Essay by Tanvi, 14, Delhi

The skin of your colour doesn’t matter. You do. 14 year old Tanvi from Delhi writes a powerful essay on why she is perfectly happy in her own skin.
Dark and Lovely - Say no to face lightening creams

Dark skin is not accepted by many people around the world and they tend to create a prejudice against those who are darker than the rest. Being a girl with a wheatish complexion, I have faced this problem and some people used to tease me because of my skin colour just because it was a bit darker than the rest!


I have noticed that many people have this vision to see only in colour black and white and their judgment is always biased towards the people with white skin. When somebody mocks me about my skin colour, they are not insulting me but ridiculing their own bringing up and themselves by talking so low. Just as we say, that age is just a number we should accept ourselves and move on by saying our complexion is also just a colour but some cannot admit themselves which causes a chain reaction by making the other person also not like that person and that is when people develop stereotypes.


We are ready to make prejudices since it is human nature to be judgmental but, there is a vast difference between being judgemental and being a racist and this vast difference causes negativity in the society.

Our constitution says that we all are equal, so nobody has the right to oppress us. We have the right to live on our own terms and accept ourselves.

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