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Surprise Birthday Party | Blog by Tianna, 9, Kolkata

We all have one interesting birthday party tale to tell! 10 year old Tianna from Kolkata tells us hers in this blog!

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Surprise birthday party 
My friends wanted me to have a party but I didn’t want to have a party. I wanted to celebrate my birthday with my parents but they were in California.
I had to go to my class and unknown to me, my friend started planning for my party. When I reached the class, it was locked. I rang the bell but still they did not open the door. I called my friend up and ask them where they were and one of my friend, Saachi told me to come in to the Indian Garden. As I reach there, all my friends yelled ’Surprise’!
And I got to know that they were planning a picnic party for me.
This was a memorable surprise party for me.

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