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Dinosaur story : Baby dinosaur gets back home| Story By Taksh, 6, Vapi

Imagine being best friends with a dinosaur! 6 year old Taksh from Vapi shares a wholesome tale will certainly make you wish it were true!

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Once upon a time there was a big dinosaur. His name was Greenie as he ate only grass. He was Takshu’s best friend. Takshu was a 6 year old boy.

They were walking in the jungle one day when they saw a baby dinosaur. He was sobbing because he was lost in the jungle and could not find his mommy. His name was Brownie.

Takshu and Greenie decided to send Brownie to his parents, but the question was how. Takshu got an idea: he asked them to follow the footprints of Brownie in the mud. As they followed the footprints , Brownie reached his parents. Brownie was very happy and hugged Takshu and Greenie. Thanking them he gave them fresh coconut and bid goodbye. Thus, due to Takshu’s presence of mind, Brownie met his parents.

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