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Rains-Muddle, puddles and hot pakoras | Essay by Aditi,7,Kolkata

We all have a season that makes us happy. For 7 year old Aditi from Kolkata, its the rains! What about you?

Missing the rains and the hot snacks

The rainy season is our whole family’s favourite.

We jump in puddles, get wet in the rain, and definitely catch a cold!

My mother gets very upset and worried when we fall sick. My sister and I especially love to stare at the scary monsoon skies.It is often grey but it slowly changes to black.

In the monsoons, we have thunderstorms and heavy rains almost every day.

I eat samosas and pakoras. We also eat sweetcorn soup.

The trees look like they are dancing to rock music.

When it drizzles, I go out and play. I also like the pitter-patter sound of the raindrops.

Rainy day - The smell of the earth and other joys

Sometimes I get inside the blanket and read my book of ghost stories.

My sister and I always look for new puddle places.

We love this season!

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