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Dear Diary : I had the best day| By 13 year old Anant from Howrah

Did you have a wonderful day recently? 13 year old Anant from Howrah shares a page of one such happy day from his diary.

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Dear Diary : I had the best day


22nd August 2021,

22:13 PM


Dear diary,


Today was a splendid day. It was Raksha Bandhan, all my sisters tied Rakhi on my right hand. I also got to eat a variety of sweets including Gulab Jamun, Cake and Sweet made of Parval.


It was around night that we went up with the telescope to explore the moon. After doing so, we decided to explore the planets rather than ending the day. Dad, with a lot of perseverance and patience found a star that was not too bright. Then we zoomed it in and increased the sharpness and I was shocked. It was a Saturn! We could see the rings of it. I am still in the awe of it, and I still couldn’t believe.

I was so happy for dad and for myself. It was his dream growing up and finally he made it a truth.

We even tried to take a photograph, but a gust of wind blew it off. Still, it was a moment to savour.


Time to sleep now. Goodbye.


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