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International Literacy Day : Explained | Essay by 13 year old Kavya from Mumbai

This week the world celebrated International Literacy day. What is the significance of the day? 13 year old Kavya from Mumbai tells us.

International Literacy Day Essay by kids Bookosmia

International literacy day : Explained

Literacy is one of the greatest gifts a person could receive. The most common definition of it is the ability to read and write, however its meaning  is much more deeper than that.

It is the way of being able to keep up with current events, communicate fluently and share your views fearlessly and most importantly comprehend on issues that have surrounded the world.


World Literacy Day, which is celebrated on every 8th September, was first founded on 26th October 1966, by the proclamation of UNESCO. The day targets elevating focus and reminding human beings of the significance of literacy as a reminder of dignity and human rights. Furthermore, the literacy problem is a primary element of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the UN’s Agenda for Sustainable Development for 2030.


It is an essential instrument for eradicating poverty, reducing child mortality, regulating population increase, achieving gender equality, and so on. Literacy, it is true, has the capacity to improve family status. As a result, this day is observed to urge individuals to continue their education and to recognise their responsibilities to their family, society, and nation. It is a human right to be literate which affects our  duties and responsibilities and so is really very significant to attain.


Some ways to contribute to the world of literature are:

1) You can open a community library in your nearby area so that everyone can exchange books and share knowledge and ideas. It expands your knowledge, you get many friends, it improves your literacy and you also spread it with others.

2) If you donate something or gift someone, the best thing you could donate or gift is a book because a book is the main key to the world of literacy and literature, which also has many benefits and advantages.

3) Being literate, you should spread awareness about the importance of literacy and help people get educated.


In this way, you can contribute and help people get literate or improve their literacy. These were just some ways, but you can also do many other things to contribute as well.

Having the skills to communicate, read, and write is vital for social and economic development. It allows individuals to expand their knowledge and understanding of the society. Literacy is not simply the ability to read and write, but rather the ability to use these skills and communicate effectively.


A true literate human does not try to show off their education , skills and knowledge, but instead tries to help others get literate as well.

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