Kavya Mehta

53 Years,
14 Years,
An avid reader, Kavya Mehta is a beginner blogger, youtuber, aspiring author and poet. Recently, her book titled : Cryptic Tales – A Collection of Mystical Stories has been published. In addition, her story and poem have been published in two separate anthology paperback books – ‘Unusual Accounts’ and ‘Secrets’ respectively. She has a blog site of her own – KavyaKites wherein she publishes different types of blogs: kavyaskingdom.blogspot.com Furthermore, playing on the keyboard is her hobby. She has a YouTube channel – KavyaKites wherein she uploads her keyboard videos. Kavya is a student of Thakur School of Global Education, Kavya works hard to concentrate on her studies as well as to follow her passion and future endeavors.

By Kavya Mehta

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