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A bibliophile thanks teachers | By 10 year old Mahit from Kolkata

We can never thank our teachers enough. 10 year old Mahit from Kolkata (who is quite a bibliophile) pens a creative note for his teachers

thank you teachers bibliophile

My dearest and loving teacher, it is an honor to be taught by you. You are the very pillars of the divine dome of knowledge. You guide me with ever-lasting patience. You are my caring, ever-shining Dumbledore. You are My Excalibur,   an ever-powerful force of good who drives away the dark emptiness of my mind and fills it with bright ability and insight.

As Anthony Horrowitz said in Alex Rider, “Go back to school go back to life.”  I got back to life and you are the reason. This is my Land of Stories where  you my dear teachers are like Fairy godmothers, my safe zone who teach me to deal with my fear of failure, non acceptance that is disguised as the Evil enchantress by instilling sincerity, confidence, compassion and never give up attitude all while having fun. You are my hope just like the Aslan,  who brings the summer sun and clears every doubt.

You are my Percy Jackson teaching me to be epitome of loyalty. You are the one who brings fire to my lifeless matchstick and turns it into an inferno. You are my Fantastic Mr. Fox who gives me humour and hope even in the darkest times .You have always loved me beyond everything and I will never forget when I grow up what you have contributed and sacrificed to make me what I am today.

Written with heart full of gratitude and adulation,


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