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Corona Pandemic – Lessons To Learn | Bookosmia

Corona pandemic - Lessons to learn


Corona pandemic - Lessons to learn

There is coronavirus all over the world,
About it people have learnt.


Coronavirus may or may not heal,

If people get it how sad they feel.


When stuck on a thing or a human being,

It looks like the crown of a king.


Wash your hands with soap and water,

Teach this to your son and daughter.


Make your body fit,

Be brave and fight with it.


Everyone is at home,

As there is lockdown.

Some people are happy,

Some people frown.


Nobody goes to play on swings,

But still lockdown teaches us the best things.


People have fun with their family,

By playing with joy and glee.


People have learnt to live with limited things,

They have adjusted with whatever life brings.


People have learnt not to feel low,

By singing and dancing on a nice tune,

People are hopeful,

That everything will be okay soon.


Corona pandemic - Lessons to learn



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