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Corona 2nd Wave – It’s Not Been Easy | Bookosmia

Corona 2nd wave - It’s not been easy

Corona 2nd wave - It’s not been easy


This is the time of the corona scare,

The time when I realize that life is not fair,

The years meant to be the best of my life,

Turned out to be a struggle and strife.

All the glorious days with my friends,

And all my chances to make amends,

Gone into the air like a puff of smoke,

Into tiny pieces, my little heart broke.

Trapped in a cage with only memories to feed on,

Like the one of my beloved city- which now is torn,

For the street where I brimmed with joy and laughter,

Is wrecked since the pandemic, filled with despair thereafter.

I laugh and I cry, I smile and I frown,

All at once in my corona town,

Once called a city of love and rain,

Has turned into a city of sadness and pain.

I try to listen to songs to drive away the gloom,

But instead I feel the emptiness of my room,

To escape I wander off to the land of my dreams,

But there too I drown under the flooding streams.

I crave for freedom every once in a while,

But the mere thought of it seems so juvenile,

No way can I attain any form of peace,

As long as the cases are on increase.

So, out of the corner of my eye, drips a tear,

‘Cause the reality now is my biggest fear,

Humans like me are locked in four walls,

Away from the forests and the waterfalls.

The world around me is falling and failing,

But I believe we will rise.

The unleashed fury of nature is so curtailing,

Mankind is brought down on its knees,

They can only murmur, “Forgive us, please.”


Corona 2nd wave - It’s not been easy



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