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My Mother, My True Friend | Bookosmia

My Mother, My True Friend


My Mother, My True Friend


A true friend,
Is a person with whom time is well spent,
They are people whom we commend,
They are people who we will recommend.

A true friend,
Accepts silence over words,
They are people who don’t let us go weak,
They make us feel that we are perfect.

A true friend,
Makes us realise that what others say is unimportant,
What we think is most important.

Mistakes are what makes us stronger,
And if we think with our heart, there is nothing we can’t conquer.

A true friend,
Respects us with their heart and soul,
With whom we can never fall in a hole,
Protects us from enemies unknown,
For whom we are like kings sitting on a throne.

A true friend,
Will always be our mom,
Who will never let us feel blue,
Mom I say “Thank you.”


My Mother, My True Friend




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