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Save Nature – It’s Time To Step Up | Bookosmia

Save Nature - It’s time to step up

So much misuse of resources..
That the ’Ultimate’ is forced to use the forces..

Why do we uproot the shrubs, herbs and plants?
Just because the modern look of the world enchants?

Forgetting about climate’s control roles..
Is like digging our downfall holes..

The water bodies are perishing at a pace..
And we are fighting to become a developed race !

The beauties of the mountain and valley,
Have long gone, and there are a few in the tally.

Our blue earth which it used to be,
Is turning grey to black – and that had to be..

There is still time for us to act fast,
So that the beautiful species and humanity last.

We have to turn back to nature for survival,
So that the earth can start its revival.


Save Nature - It’s time to step up


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