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Story-When Butterfly Fairies Paint The Rainbow

Read with Sara story on Rainbow Fairies and Nature Bookosmia

Once upon a time there lived seven butterfly fairies. There was one for every colour of the rainbow . The butterfly fairies also kept the rainbow lovely and shiny.

Each fairy collaged the rainbow with their own colour everyday, but one day the butterfly fairies looked up at the sky and were shocked. All the colours of the rainbow had fallen! The fairies ran to tell the queen what had happened. “All of the colours of the rainbow fell down!” cried the butterfly fairies.

“Oooohhhhh Noooo!”

A little girl was passing by. She heard the butterfly fairies crying. She went to  them and asked the reason behind their sorrow.

One butterfly fairy told her.

“Ruthless cutting of trees to fulfill human needs!

Due to cutting of trees, there is no fresh oxygen for the young generation. It  causes a lot of pollution. There will be no rain……………..NO RAINBOW………Look all  the colours of our rainbow had fallen down.”

Then the little girl went house to house and informed everybody not to cut trees.”If you will CUT 1 TREE, YOU WILL PLANT FOUR TREES. If you will not cut  trees, then soon there will be rain and a vibrant rainbow will be formed. Then  your children will sing and dance on the popular song-
Red and orange, and yellow and green,blue and purple too.
I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow with you.”

After few days, there was a heavy rainfall with the thunderstorm ….

The butterfly fairies were shocked to see the rain! They happily flew high up in  the sky and started to paint the rainbow.

Plant trees and bring laughter to your life.


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