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‘A Blessing in Disguise’ Idiom Story by 7 year old S.D.Chethana from Chennai

Idiom Story with Sara on Baby sister by young writer Bookosmia

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here and I am back with the most heart -warming Idiom story. What is an idiom?  An idiom is a phrase which does not have the same meaning as its literal  meaning.

Idiom Stories with Sara by young writer S D Chetna Chennai Bookosmia

Today, 7 year old S.D. Chethana from Chennai brings out the meaning of ‘blessing in disguise’ through this beautiful story on sibling love.

She goes to NSN Memorial School, Chennai





One day my mother surprised me with a baby sister. We named her  Aaradhana. Mom took so much care of her. But did not take care of me like  before. I was sad. I thought she should not have been born at all.


I was unable to play and sleep with my mom. One day, I came to know that she  is a blessing, just for me. When she called me, “Akka ,” facing me and smiling.


I feel excited, when my mom buys the same dress for her and me, when we  sleep together, when she kisses me and when I hug her , I feel on top of the world as we say in our school every day.

Mom kisses me when I help my baby. I feel responsible as a big sister. I will love  her more than anything in the whole world ever. And now I realize that
she is a blessing in disguise.

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