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Body positivity: How it helps teenagers | Blog by Deeksha,12, Chennai

Worried you don’t fit in? It’s ok, writes 12-year old Deeksha from Chennai as she explains why everyone benefits from being body positive.

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You don’t need to fit in! And that’s ok..

Today’s teenagers are bombarded with a million questions about their bodies. Social media and online interaction have ballooned it like never before. There are a great many influencers who reveal diet plans, exercise plans, and makeup hacks to hide “your flaws” and encourage teenagers to fit in. It is unfortunate that there is plenty of content that could make a teenager second-guess everything about themselves.

It is pertinent that discussions about body positivity are encouraged especially among upper primary and middle school students. It is essential to understand body positivity.

Body positivity is the acceptance and appreciation of all body types, including one’s own. Everyone is born beautiful. We have been taught to believe in archaic beauty standards set by corporates. Movies, television series, and advertisements feature only men who are tall, dark, and well-built and women who are fair, with straight hair, and unusually slim. We are often forced to meet those standards. Body positivity is the idea that everyone should feel happy and proud of their bodies, irrespective of shape or size.

Body positivity helps

•​Accept and embrace yourself

•​Boost self-esteem

•​Break set beauty standards

We need to realize that everything on social media is a hyper-saturated version of reality. Do you have a Snapchat or Instagram account? This is one of the first questions that pop up when teens meet. Real-life interaction or understanding of a person’s true self is no more important. Even though social media has its fair share of positive factors, the major negativity faced is the archaic narratives that are influencing digital dudes and dudettes.

Together, we can break this narrative:

It becomes almost impossible to avoid thinking about one’s body during adolescence. But educating teens about body positivity can change their understanding of their changing bodies. It helps shape their opinion and sets them on the right path to embracing themselves the way they are. Encouraging them to put this into practice will boost their self-esteem.

Ignoring the noise of social media, there are amazing virtual communities of like-minded individuals who support one another. It is important to talk about your insecurities rather than handle them all alone and let them affect your mental health. Discussing issues with your teacher, parents or mentors can help fight your insecurities about your body.

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