Maryam Arif

14 Years

Al Barkaat Public School


Dear Body| Poem by 14 year old from Aligarh

Stand back and listen to 14 year old Maryam from Aligarh who pens this stunning note to her body. Must read!
She goes to Al Barkaat public school.
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Dear body, 

Darling, you’re beautiful

Just the way you are.

Your size, shape, or color

Does not define who you are.

Oh how I wish you could see yourself

Through my eyes,

Ashes in the furnace, dust on the rise,

You came through it all the way, flying

Through the skies.


When you smile,

The look in your chocolate brown eyes,

Oh, that look! Could outshine the sun in the skies.


You are an alluring woman,

Shining like a morning star.

Like a queen carrying her jewels,

Carry your flaws and scars

Because darling,

You’re beautiful, just the way you are.

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  1. Ik some lines in this poem are taken from song ‘Scars to your beautiful’, I do adore how beautifully words are aligned to make it a really wonderful poem.

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