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Rainy Day | Descriptive Blog by Saachi,10,Kolkata

How’s the weather there? 10-year-old Saachi from Kolkata beautifully describes the rainy season.

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Monsoons, which are essential for crops to thrive, also give us an opportunity to rest and relax and to rejuvenate ourselves. The trees sway to the rhythm of the wind, as angry gray clouds terrorize the skies. The smell of fresh earth pacifies even the most agitated person.


Rainy days are a stunning phenomenon. Many love to watch the moisture- laden clouds that seemed so weightless the day before soak ripe apples, which glisten like bright rubies. On such a day, people like to observe the raindrops turn the dusty leaves to shining emeralds.

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The verdant scene may be appreciated by gazing out of the window while drinking hot, ginger tea. Or as one like me may enjoy, reading a book with a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

Elfchen poems - Memories of rain, snow and everything nice

During times like these, I anxiously await my mother’s hand-made soup and other warm fritters.

When this time arrives, I never miss the opportunity to get inspired by the amazing scenic beauty to write poetry and sketch a masterpiece. For me, it is lovely to sniff the fragrance of beautiful flowers that the persistent and howling wind has coaxed out.


Days such as these never fail to revive my spirits and refresh me for my hectic schedule for the weeks ahead.

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