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An Impossible Dream- Story

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There was a little girl called Radhika, who was 9 years old.


She lived in a small town and loved to surf. Her dream was to be a famous surfer and be known worldwide for her talent. However, since she lived in a  small town, everyone would tell her that her dream would just remain a dream. She should forget about it and instead focus on activities like sewing and cooking. They however, did not know one thing about Radhika- that she had  full faith in herself and one day she would make her dream come true.


To do that, she needed to practice. She had seen in magazines how surfers  would stand up and balance themselves on the surf board. She made a plank  from wood and keeping it on water drums, practiced how to balance first, as  the plank wobbled like a sea-saw. The passersby’s were astounded. They had never seen something like this.


Years passed and Radhika kept on practicing the balancing act. Days were  filled with studies and house hold work. Then a school trip changed  everything.

Radhika’s school took the girls to a nearby beach resort for 2 days. This was an educational trip. Radhika was very excited. This would finally be the test for  which she had prepared for years.

On arriving at the Beach resort, Radhika rushed to the reception and asked if they had a spare surf board which she could take to the beach. To her surprise, there was. She grabbed it and rushed to the beach along with the other school  girls. She was excited and nervous at the same time.


She placed the surf board on the water and paddled it with her arms, the way  she had seen on magazines and television. Slowly, maintaining her balance,  she stood up. After a few wobbles, she was finally balancing herself well.


She  surfed and surfed. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow and sometimes even trying some difficult moves, all the while making sure not to wander far away  from the shore.


When she got back to the shore, a middle age man approached her and  started asking her questions about her surfing. Initially, she was very hesitant  to talk to him. But after a while she calmed down and started answering his  questions.


He told her that he was from the Indian Surf Academy and every year they  look out for talented surfers and sponsor them to pursue their dream. They organize contests so that Indian children can hold a position internationally.


He told her that for someone who had no professional training, he was  impressed with her confidence. He handed out his business card and asked  her to call him. In the midst of this Radhika’s teacher came and after quick introductions, the man whose name was Mr. Ramesh repeated everything to her.


Radhika’s teacher was brimming with pride. She said that she would talk to  Radhika’s parents herself. It was an honour for their small town.


That night Radhika, had a big smile on her face. She was glad that she believed in herself and never gave up on her dreams, when the people around her did.


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