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‘Abduction’ Book Review by 13 year old Taneesha from Singapore

Peg Kehret Abduction Book Review by kids activities with Sara by Bookosmia

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Today’s lovely review is by 13 year old Taneesha Sheth from  Singapore,an 8th grader in Singapore American School. Apart from art, reading, writing, and playing various sports such as basketball and badminton, she loves taking part in social activities.


Peg Kehret Abduction Book Review by kids activities with Sara by Bookosmia

Book- Abduction
Author:- Peg Kehret
Publisher:- Dutton Juvenile

Imagine a day, when the sunshine has warmth in it’s brilliance and spreads it’s precious golden rays in all directions, everything with a bright glow. Just perfect until you realize that your brother has been kidnapped – and that too from the bathroom.


Overwhelmed with fear, you wake up to discover that your adorable little puppy has disappeared into thin air. Imagine a night when you tuck yourself in your blanket, with constant fear instilled in your mind. Scratch that, in the book Abduction by Peg Kehret, the main character feels that way, after suffering 2 losses, her beloved dog, Pookie, and her half brother Matt after they are kidnapped.


In the book Abduction by Peg Kehret, Matt, a gullible 6 years old is missing. Bonnie’s younger brother left his classroom to use the bathroom – and disappeared. A police dog traces his scent, later everyone identifies that  apparently, he got into a vehicle. But why would Matt go anywhere with a  stranger? Isn’t everyone taught not to say ‘yes’ to strangers? Buried with fear  Bonnie also discovers that her dog Pookie is missing. Was Pookie used to indulge Matt by going with him? Meanwhile when Bonnie desperately tries to search for the two favorite things in her world,she makes à terrible mistake.

Did she fall into her own trap? Determined to be with each other, together  again, can Bonnie and Matt outsmart the abductor?


Peg Kehret, the author of this book, and 50 other books have swiftly  combined a pinch of humor with a handful of suspense and mystery in the book Abduction.


Instead of moving the story really quickly, Peg Kehret has written a bit-by-bit,  persuading the reader to read another page, indulging the reader to find another clue on the condition of the 2 precious sweethearts. In this book the author also writes and moves the story very slowly to help the reader digest each part of the suspense created.


This is a great book because the character traits of the main character can  easily connect wit anyone reading this book. The author has crafted this story in such a way that it awakens the tension inside you and creates a lot of  depression, building word by word inside of you.


Another point that I would like to mention about the author’s craft and her  style is that she has tried to include a lot of description which draws an image  or paints an image in the reader’s brain, to help them visualize what is going on. While I was deeply engrossed in this book I also noticed that at the end of each chapter, the author has a cliffhanger to create more suspense and motivate the reader to read the next chapter without putting the book down.


Overall this author did a fabulous job in terms of including our five senses in  the book so that we as readers can be completely inside the book instead of just reading it.


I think that I wouldn’t change any aspect of the book because the author has crafted it based on what would happen in real life if someone were to face the same situation. Therefore I like it the way it has been laid out and how the story moves ahead.


I would definitely recommend this book if you love mystery combined with a little bit of mischief. To end this, I would rate this book 4 out of 5*. This book is  definitely a page-turner and the author does a wonderful job in keeping you engaged throughout. 

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest



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  1. Hi Taneesha, great review narrated so well, like the author you kept me fully engrossed and engaged to read it fully till end. Your simple language, mentioning of the plot and characters and authors ability to build suspense with wit and humour has made me curious now and am going to borrow and read this book from you !!! Well done, keep up your passion for reading !!!

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