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The Rose House- Horror Story

Read with Sara the haunted house Bookosmia

My name is Ryan.

You may not believe this story but I can tell you it’s true, for I have been to the  house of late Madam Rose. It was believed in my town that Madam Rose died 62  years ago and no one dared to buy the house. It was better known as the Rose House.


My grandpa told me that she was his classmate and rarely talked to anyone. I trembled with fear and asked my grandpa how she died. He said that she died  due to cancer. I trembled again. My house is only a few kilometers away from Madam Rose’s. Not to brag but I am skilled at being terrified of ghosts. He he. I  started to think for a while, no reason.


Then I had a crazy idea. Oh my do I regret this, but I had no choice for I was  already walking towards the home of Madam Rose. I went inside and scolded  myself, “Why did I have this crazy idea!”  I was inside her house. Spooky was  the word that came into my mind when I saw a slimy wall. Oh my, this place was starting to FREAK ME OUT! I thought I saw a shadow peering at me. Then  suddenly…! I heard a sound that sent a chill down my spine.

Aaah! I screamed.

At that moment the sound stopped. A part of me wanted to get out of there  and the other part told me to remain calm and continue. I followed my second  instinct and continued. The sound came again. This time I followed my first instinct and ran out of here!

I tripped and fell into a strange room. This room had nothing but a well in the  center. Suddenly a pair of hands started opening the door behind me. After a  few moments someone opened the door and turned.

I faced a very old woman who had many wrinkles and looked like she didn’t eat
anything. I felt my breath going ragged. I managed to say “MADAM ROSE!!”

I told you, you won’t believe this.

She said, “Hello Ryan.”

Now I was totally freaked out. I said, “How… how… you are supposed to be   dead!”

She laughed in a cold manner.

“Dead, me? Never! Child, I was forced into hiding.Do you know what I have  been going through? All those insults and teasing I had to bear, you foolish child. Once I went into hiding in my own house, they never bothered to search  in here, after a while they announced I was dead due to cancer. Ha! Now that’s  a joke. A young girl having cancer without her parents knowing it?” she said.

There was silence for a minute.

I broke it.” Ok I better go now,” I said.

“And go and tell everyone that I am here? No you won’t get out of this house alive,” she said. She started coming towards me.

I could tell she was slow but I had to escape and get out and never come back  to this house! I went behind until I touched the tip of the well. She came at me. I dodged and would you believe this, she fell into the well!!

I could hear her screaming till it came to an end. Oh my, I ran and retraced my  steps. I finally reached out, aaah!

I could smell the fresh air finally! I went and told everyone(I guess Madam Rose was right.) Nobody believed me, except my grandpa. He said he had suspicions about her and now they were proved correct.

I guess eventually everyone believed my story because now they are even more terrified and  the Rose House continued to stay in my little town…


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