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Bird Friends by Shifa,9, Lucknow +Cool Facts #Nature

Remember the phrase,’ birds of a feather, flock together?’ Today, 8 year old Shifa Zahra Touseef from Lucknow shares a beautiful story on a similar theme, followeded by some cool facts on actual bird behaviour.


Nature with Sara Birds activity for kids Bookosmia

Have you ever seen birds making friends with other birds?

Have you ever seen a bird rescue a bird ?

No? Well I have.

This story is quite unbelievable, but it is true. I was five and I regularly went to  the park. One day I noticed 2 birds sitting on a branch and singing. I had never seen birds singing together. As they finished, I started clapping happily. As a reward, I gave them breadcrumbs that were in my pocket.


After that, I went there daily. These two birds would sing and I would feed  them. Over time we became friends. In my neighborhood there was a  competition named ‘Best Bird’ Competition. It sounded silly to me.

Here is what was to happen in the contest-

‘You need to capture a beautiful bird. The owner of the best bird is the winner.’

Many people were trying to get my little friends. Poor things!

Finally my neighbor Mr. Glegg managed to catch one of my friends. The other one went free but it did not leave. It wanted to hurt Mr. Glegg so he would set its friend free.


The little bird failed. It looked at me for help. I nodded and smiled and went to  Mr. Glegg and said, “ Er… Mr. Glegg that bird is…. Er… my pet!”

Mr. Glegg thought for 5 minutes and guess what? He set the bird free!

The bird went to its friend when everybody went away and started to sing.


One week later I went to Dubai and stayed there for five years, before coming back. One day while I was sitting in the park, I noticed two beautiful birds  staring at me as if I were yummy food. Suddenly as a flash it came to me.

Who were they? The birds I had helped all those years ago?

I smiled at them.

They started singing my favorite tune.

***************************************The End***********************************

Hey, Sara here again. Did you enjoy that lovely story? And now its time for some cool facts about birds and their behaviour, shared by Subhadra Devi, a passionate birder.

Cool Fact#1: 

Do birds make friends with other birds?

A study shows that many species of birds are quite friendly with others of  their species and even other species.  Some types of chickadees and  titmouse have been known to let other birds know when they discover a well-stocked feeder, rather than keeping all the food to themselves.

Nature with Sara Birds activity for kids Bookosmia

Cool Fact#2: 

Do birds watch out for other birds?

Geese are flock birds but studying them will show that when everyone is  feeding, there will always be one or two with their heads up, watching for trouble.  These guard geese are watching over their friends while they eat and then will take their turn while someone else stands watch.


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