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A magical lamp and my wishes- Story

Read with Sara story of Magic lamp Bookosmia

One day, we went to the electrical shop for purchasing a lamp because I  needed one for my bedroom.

In the shop there were many lamps. I didn’t know which lamp to choose because all the lamps were looking beautiful. While walking in the fluorescent  row, I saw a stunning lamp.

Then I called my mother and said, “Mom I like this elegant lamp.”

She replied, “Ok. Let us buy this.”

After that night I had the lamp in my  bedroom. When I was beginning to sleep,  a melodious song started to play. I searched for the source of the sound. I  noticed it was from the lamp.

I said, “Hi” to the lamp. It replied with a hello. Then we both introduced  ourselves. The lamp told me that many customers would chose it in the shop. But while billing, the customers would rejected it, as they would realize it is a damaged. “But when you chose me, I liked you and your family very much. So  now I have come to your home,” said the lamp.

After that the lamp shared one wonderful message – that I have been granted three free wishes!


So, what wishes do I want?  Let me think for five minutes. I have so many wishes to  tell the Lamp. I finalized the three wishes and told the Lamp, “Those three wishes are:”


 In the world, all the people should be equal.Now a days much more robbery is happening in the world. To avoid robbery, all the things should be free for  everyone



 In the research centre they should find medicine for this covid19.Corona   virus is killing  lakhs of people


 From now on, no one should disfigure the nature because it is nature that is  protecting us

After listening to all my wishes, the lamp said, “I will accept your three wishes.”

Then it turned into a simple lamp,giving a charming light to our house.


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