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The Sound of Music- Essay

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The sound of music makes me think of a flowery garden and refreshing breeze.


People across the world have different choices of music. Some prefer fast paced beats while others like soft music. Some listen to rock music while others go for unplugged to quench their musical thirst.


This is another way to say that everyone in this world is different and yet  admire the same thing in varied flavours. When the lockdown was announced,  I realized that listening to songs and dancing on their beats with friends would  be over.


Though I can listen to music at my house, I miss visiting the  restaurants with  my family which played background music, while we ate our delicious  delicacies. My little brother who is also interested in music and hums  inadvertently while he builds his blocks tower and so does my mom while she  cooks.

Music knows no bounds and can tread its way from anywhere.


I have set my alarm with the tune of my favourite song so when I get up in the  morning I feel fresh and start the day by feeling happy. These days me and my  friends enjoy doing online karaoke of different songs  to improvise our singing or just to have fun.


Music is not only in instruments  but it’s everywhere around us. In vessels, spoons, rustling of leaves, chirping of birds, a tin of sugar and even at night when everything is quiet, one can hear the clock ticking. It is also in our soft drumming on the dining table while we wait for mom to serve food.


When I listen to music I forget what’s going around me and find myself  entering a divine, musical world. This world has amazing voices and that  encourages me to become a better singer. When I dance on songs, I try to
feel the lyrics in my head.


I think music has the power to take us on an emotional journey and make us  feel happy or sad or inspired without actually going through those situations.  When I try to pen down my thoughts, I take ideas from the lyrics of one of my  favourite songs and then writing a story doesn’t seem so hard.


My parents encourage me to become a better singer and express my  thoughts and emotions through them. I like the tunes of music just flow through my head and make me relax. Be it the ‘layas’ of Kathak or the
beats of hip hop.


I just feel music is JOY TO THE SOUL.


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