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10 Years

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JH Ambani School


‘A Letter To Our Teachers’ by 10 year old Suhana Khaitan from Surat

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Dear Teachers,

You are the ones who inspires all the students. After our parents, you all are the next important person in everybody’s life.


You are the one who brings a blissful smile on our faces regularly.

Teachers treat me and every child, equally. That is the best quality in them.

We are who we are, because of the teachers. I salute all the teachers who are struggling to teach each and every student perfectly and making such beautiful presentations to teach us better in these online classes.

Teachers are super heroes for me. l like the way they speak and talk to us.
They are chivalrous and courteous to our parents. Our teachers are so  interested to teach us because we are very important for them like their own  child.

They are all-rounders- they are guiding teachers and care for us as they do for family members. There is a big burden on them but they manage it all for us.

We are glad to have you as our teacher and also our best friend.

Thank you for making us learn everything in such a nice manner.


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