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12 Years

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Three Young Friends- Story by 12 year old R. Adaikkalavan from Chennai

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Once there lived three little friends named Arun, Singh and Joseph.

They were the very best friends. One day their parents took them to a beach. There, Arun got a treasure map of gold and diamonds but he didn’t tell this to friends. When they asked him what is in his hand, Arun said, “Nothing much, just a paper.”

Arun followed the map and when he reached the treasure, he realized there  were some traps around it but Arun  crossed all the traps except the last one. The last trap was a poisonous snake. When he crossed the last trap, the snake  bit him. Arun could only be saved, if he were taken to the hospital immediately.

But nobody was around him, except his friends Singh and Joseph. They took Arun to the hospital right away and saved his life.


After Arun’s treatment, Singh and Joseph asked him, “Why did you lie to us?” “Sorry friends. Again can we become friends?” Arun said.

Singh and Joseph replied, “Yes. No one can break our friendship. Come on, let us hug it out.”


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